7 Seas Spice (Medium) -  Aromatic, earthy & heady



  • Coriander Seeds

  • Cumin Seeds

  • Chili

  • Cassia

  • Whole Cloves

  • Cardamon Seeds

  • Celery Seed


Serving Suggestions 


  • Sprinkle into marinades for barbecuing/grilling or pan-frying

  • Stir fries & noodles
  • Curries rice meals/steamed rice
  • Red & white meat
  • Fish and tofu
  • Tomato based pasta sauces and salsas
  • Soups flavour stews/casseroles
  • Season veggies/vegetarian cooking
  • Asian/Malay/Indian/Thai style cookery
  • Burgers & patties
  • Couscous
  • Excellent seasoning for game meat


Perfect for any style of cooking and you don't need to change your cooking style at all! These seeds and spices will add a new dimension to your cooking. Cooking will take on a whole new meaning.


Screaming Seeds and Spices Australia are made from whole spices that are locally & globally grown they specialise in producing cooking spices and spice blends and seasonings that are:



NO artificial fillers ...

NO bulking / anti-caking agents ...

NO preservatives ...

NO wheat/rice/soy fillers ...

NO nuts or MSG are added ...

They are also proud to produce GM FREE spice blends!

Screaming Seeds 7 Seas Spice

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