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Beeswax is the natural wax produced by honeybees. Australian Certified Organic beeswax is considered the best among all varieties of beeswax, there are no harmful or accumulated materials or chemicals, and is perfect for use. Beeswax is used in a variety of products from Cosmetics, Candles to furniture polish.

Buy Votive candles, Tea-Light, and Beeswax Tubs from Destination Health Foods, the leading supplier and seller of local certified organic beeswax in Australia. With more than 24 years of experience in the making and sale of beeswax, along with other organic natural products, we offer the best-in-class products online.

Highest Quality Local Beeswax for Sale in Australia, Gold Coast & Adelaide

Honeybees do not just give us natural honey. They also provide us with beeswax that is an essential ingredient for several products across industries like creams, lotions, body butter, and candles. While there is concern about the traces of chemicals in imported beeswax, Destination Health’s Certified Beeswax is pure and natural, without any chemicals or preservatives. To ensure that we meet the self-set highest standards for our customers, Destination HealthFoods offer only certified and organic beeswax for sale.

What Is a Votive Candle Used For?

One of the best-known products by Destination Health of local beeswax is the Tea-Lite candles, Votive Candles, and Tub Wax. These are used for many applications from meditation to lighting up a room. They do not have any added fragrance or artificial ingredients and are made of 100% pure Certified Organic Beeswax that comes from Australian bee farms.

They not only give light and a natural scent to the plant they were on but they are also known for their calming qualities. The benefit of burning votive candles is that they do not pollute the surroundings or cause any eye burns. Only cloth wicks are used, whereas most other candles have lead in their wicks. Destination Health Foods candles have a soft and calming natural scent that brings the users closer to nature. 

Why Choose Us for Local Beeswax?

Here are some reasons Destination Health Foods is a leading, and popular online retailer of Health products in Australia, Gold Coast & Adelaide:

•    Integrity is our top priority
•    Fastest delivery
•    Guaranteed products

•    Secure online shopping
•    Australia-wide shipping 

Looking for the best beeswax and organic health products in Gold Coast, Adelaide & Australia? Destination Health Foods is a forerunner of Votive candles, Tealight candles, and Beeswax Tubs at affordable prices. We deliver to any location in Australia. Choose from a variety of health products and order now on our website or call us on 03 9456 9280 for any queries or assistance.

Naturally Sensitive Organic Beeswax Blocks - 150gm

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