Australian grown and produced, Cold Pressed - NOT RECONSTITUTED


This plain gel oral liquid contains Aloe Barbadensis 999mg/g Leaf Juice  Gel.

It is extracted from the inner leaf of mature Aloe Vera plants grown without chemicals.


Contains NO Added Sugar, NO Flavouring and NO Colouring.

Aloe Vera contains numerous nutrients, including most vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work synergistically to help build and maintain a healthy body.

This list of health benefits of Aloe Vera seems endless.It is not only fantastic as a topical application, but can also be consumed to assist many common ailments. It is considered ideal in the treatment of ulcers, coughs and muscle pain.


Aloe Vera is direct descendant of the Asphodelaceae family, Aloe Vera is perhaps the most well known member of the family reputed all over the world for its wide variety of medicinal uses and applications.


The health benefits of aloe vera may include:


  • Treating disorders of the digestive system,

  • Skin and hair care,
  • Eye and gum care,
  • Fungal treatment,
  • Irritable bowel treatment
  • Alleviates constipation
  • Immunity booster 
  • Treatment of skin disorders like eczema, acne, burns, scratches and bruises. 


Aloe Vera is known to be strong anti inflammatory, and its cool and soothing effect can bring instant relief to painful situations like burns, bruises or scraping of the skin.  Aloe Vera - natures little helper!

Naturally Sensitive Aloe Vera Crush - 1 Litre

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