Earth Secrets incense pack contains 20 sticks per pack.


Each stick burns for approximately 45 minutes.


Frankincense Mood Enhancer. Clearing, uplifting, revitalizing. May assist in balancing a hectic daily life with inner tranquility.


This incense is made from Ayurvedically prepared pure biodynamic ingredients from open unfertilized fields, forests & mountains. Earth Secrets incense has been carefully formulated in accordance with 10,000 year old Ayurveda therapeutic and pharmacological principles to balance and harmonize the psycho-physical constitution and stimulate prana (life force).


The therapeutic aroma also purifies the air, removes negative vibration and evokes an uplifting and sanctified atmosphere. Earth Secrets range has been designed in Australia combining the best of ancient knowledge & modern design.

Earth Secrets Incense 'Invigorating' Frankincense - 20 Sticks

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