Enjoy gorgeous blooms like never before. No chemicals, no toxins. Good for the garden - good for you.


A glorious all natural neem spray ideal for creating gorgeous rose blooms and healthy vibrant growth.  Use as a foliar spray on both sides of leaves.  Spray regularly during spring and repeat after rain.  Please be sure to only spray early morning or late evening (avoiding harsh sun) and ensuring the lovey bees are not smothered.  Will not harm birds, butterflies, bees or ladybeetles.  Completely pet and human friendly. Explore the powerful benefits of neem - you won't believe the difference.


Nothing works like Neem for your garden and our Neem seed oil is organic. Can you imagine a substance that acts as a fertiliser, enhances vibrant growth, has no withholding period, is fabulous for the environment and our planet, yet very unattractive to all leaf-eating insects.

That’s Neem for you. It is completely safe around your pets, humans and all those lovely beneficial creatures such as birds, butterflies, bees, earthworms and ladybirds. Use on vegetables, fruit and nut trees, outdoor and indoor plants, roses and orchids and your lawns. Dream product for horticulturists, home gardeners, organic farmers and commercial growers.

Naturapetics Neem Green Rose Spray - 750ml

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