Happy Feet Detox Foot Patches 1 Pair Foot patches are a simple non-invasive and natural way to detox the body. They simply warm up and stimulate the soles of your feet whilst you sleep.


Over the past 50 years 100's of different chemicals have been introduced into our environment from the food and water we drink to the air we breathe. A build-up of toxins in the body can lead to an imbalance and health problems. Foot patches maintain a powerful reputation in traditional folk medicine, with a well documented use in China that dates back over 500 years.


Simple yet effective, foot patches are based on the principles of Eastern medicine, which teaches that toxins move away from the heart and towards the extremities of the body - including the feet, where toxins accumulate. In traditional Chinese medicine the feet are regarded as your "second heart" and a mirror of internal health. During the day, when you're standing up and moving about, gravity pulls toxins down towards the feet. Foot patches are designed around this principle.


Simply place one to six patches on the body at bedtime. You might be surprised to find that a clean, white patch can become soggy, wet and black after 8-12 hours of use. Extract toxins from the body Promote a feeling of well being


What are the Benefits? What are foot patches?

Foot Patches look like a tea bag which has a mixture of herbs and minerals. When they are pressed against the body they warm up, and increase circulation to the area. The foot patches absorb any toxins that the body releases.


Where do I apply them?

You simply apply the patches to the soles of your feet when you go to bed and let the patches absorb the toxins whilst you sleep. Many people apply the patches to other parts of the body such as a sore knee or shoulder. To Apply the patches Simply remove the backing from the plaster Place the patch in the middle of the plaster sheet making sure that the writing is face down on the plaster. The waffle weaver side of the patch will be in contact with your foot. You can apply the patch to either the heel of each foot or the centre of each foot. Press the plaster onto the foot firmly.


Leave the patches on for approximately 8-12 hours. In the morning the patches will have become wet and may smell. It is recommended that you remove the patches in the bathroom as they can make your feet quite sticky. The stickiness is normal and will reduce slightly each day. You can keep them and compare each day as you progress. Particular areas of the foot patch maybe darker than others, which is an indication of parts of the body that are getting the greatest benefits.


Are there any side effects?

Most people suffer no side effects however with any detox in the first few days you may feel weak, slightly fatigued or nauseous, this passes as the treatment progresses. After two of three nights using the patches most people notice a better quality of sleep and feel fresher in the morning.


How long should I use foot patches?

This really depends on the individual. The amount of waste that appears on the patches is the best guide. If after the 7-day program the patches have become less sticky then this is enough. Should the patches still be really sticky and black after 7 days you may need to continue using the patches. This means you have a higher level of accumulated toxins and it may take up to a month before the patches become clear. After you complete the program we recommend that you repeat the process every eight weeks to continue improving your health and well being.



The foot patches contain potent all-natural ingredients for maximum effectiveness: Nature's Ingredients ionic tourmaline minerals * Chitosan * vitamin C ginger * eucalyptus leaf * powdered pearl shell starch * tree sap vinegar * bamboo sap ALWAYS READ THE LABEL & USE ONLY AS DIRECTED

Happy Natural Therapies 'Happy Feet' Detox Foot & Body Patches - 1 Pair

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