Calmagen – nailKALM Dermaceutical Lotion 25ml


ACTIVE: Arthrospira maxima cell powder (AMYCOT) 8% w/w


APPLICATION:  For the relief or treatment of fungal infections by topical application.


Principally for the treatment of fungal nails but also may be used for fungal skin conditions.  May also help to reduce nail blemishes and restore fungal nails to a healthy state. 


DIRECTIONS Wash and dry thoroughly before applying nailKALM. Apply a small amount and rub in lightly (face border and quick and under nail) twice daily (night and morning).


The Calmagen products for the treatment of FUNGAL INFECTIONS also called TINEA


Biovite’s Calmagen ANTIFUNGAL PRODUCTS are the first rapidly fungicidal readily efficacious non toxic non sensitising anti-inflammatory topical ANTIFUNGAL PRODUCTS offered to the market. They also have a natural plant based active ingredient.


The Calmagen ANTIFUNGAL PRODUCTS are for the treatment of the following FUNGAL INFECTIONS also called TINEA;


  • FUNGAL INFECTIONS of the scalp hair beard and hands


These FUNGAL INFECTIONS are also known by the following names;


  • TINEA PEDIS (Athletes Foot Moccasin Foot)
  • TINEA CORPORIS (Ringworm)
  • TINEA CRURIS (Jock Itch)
  • TINEA VERSICOLOR (Fungal skin infection)
  • TINEA UNGUIUM (Fungal Nail also known as ONYCHOMYCOSIS )
  • TINEA MANUM (fungal infection of the hands)
  • TINEA BARBAE (Fungal infection of the beard)
  • TINEA FACIEI (Fungal infection of the face)


The CALMAGEN range of ANTIFUNGAL PRODUCTS for the relief or treatment of FUNGAL INFECTIONS includes the following;


  • Calmagen SkinKALM Dermaceutical Cream
  • Calmagen NailKALM Dermaceutical Lotion
  • Calmagen FootKALM Dermaceutical Powder


SKINKALM cream is for the treatment of the fungal skin Infections NAILKALM lotion is for the treatment of FUNGAL NAIL and the FOOTKALM powder is for the treatment of TINEA pedis and specifically to eradicate live fungal spores from shoes to stop re-infection.


The CALMAGEN range of ANTIFUNGAL PRODUCTS are very efficacious (effective) FUNGAL TREATMENTS with a natural active ingredient and very safe of diabetics and other groups suffering from compromised immune systems nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Calmagen Nail Kalm Fungal Nail Solution 25ml

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