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AKWA Colloids is electrocratically made, with the smallest of nanoparticles, as nano-sized particles aid in better absorption compared to larger particles. The growing and universal popularity of AKWA colloidal silver in Australia is due to it being electrocratically made – though the process is longer and more expensive, it is the best method). With more than 24 years of experience in the field of AKWA Colloids, Destination Health Foods is the leading retailer of high-quality Colloids. You can buy the best quality AKWA Silver Colloid from us and have it delivered to any place in Australia.

How to Use Colloidal Silver?

AKWA Colloids is electrocratically made and is a natural-based supplement, which may be used topically as well. 

What are the Potential Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

Natural Immune Enhancer: It works as a catalyst by disabling the enzymes that are used by viruses, bacteria, and fungi to metabolise oxygen. AKWA Silver Colloids with the Nano particle size, (small nanos NOT large nanos) this particle size comes under the guide of naturally occurring silver in water according to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Helpful Against Various Issues: It helps to enhance the immune system

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AKWA Silver Colloid 500ml

  • There have been many books and other publications regarding the benefits of Silver, some of which can be very helpful, as well as very confusing. These brief overviews will hopefully simply Silver Colloid as an essential mineral requirement for the human body.


    There are various Silver Colloids available in the market today:


    A true colloidal solution contains H2O and pure (99.999%) mineral silver. When choosing your silver, always look for the product that is labelled to this effect and is tested by Government Approved Laboratories ensuring both quality of silver and silver content (range should be between 9mg/L and 11mg/L). The best form of absorption for pure Colloidal Silver is sub-lingually (under the tongue); you should ensure that your mouth is free from other foodstuffs and liquids such as milk or butter, as these can cause a coating in the mouth.


    Most Silver Colloid products available today, contain stabilisers. Stabilisers disrupt the activity of the Silver particles, causing them to bond together in large clusters, thus blocking the free-working action that would normally take place if the silver particles were small and independent. Silver colloids containing stabilisers should be avoided.


    Silver Salt Colloid is yet another chemical process that is used for manufacture. These products should be used externally only.


    The 1998 National Health and Medical Research Council, and the Agriculture & Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand, set guidelines for the safe daily consumption of silver as follows:


    “The guideline for naturally absorbed silver in to the body is:” 0.4mg/day x 0.5 2L/day.


    0.5mg is the proportion of total daily intake attributable to the consumption of drinking water if silver was naturally occurring in our drinking water.


    Therefor, if the Silver Particle is small enough, as is the case in true Colloidal Silver, it is absorbed very quickly and efficiently. This in itself is the best reference for a pure, high quality Colloid Silver. You do not need to take large mg quantities of Colloidal Silver, as you will well exceed the guidelines set out for natural daily intake.

    Your natural daily intake should not exceed 0.5mg/L per 2/L daily intake.


    At the turn of the century, Scientists discovered that our bodily fluids were colloidal in nature (ie. suspended fine particles). Prior to 1983, Physicians used Colloidal Silver as an antibiotic. Cost of production was very high!


    True Colloidal Silver is a tasteless, odourless substance consisting of sub-microscopic Silver Particles; suspended by a tiny electrical charged placed on each particle. These particles do not settle in the liquid, but remain suspended due to the electrical charge exerting more force than gravity.


    Many silver colloids on the market are not clear in colour, and have a collection of sediment at the bottom from silver particles and stabilisers that have fallen out of suspension. A true Colloidal Silver does not fall out of suspension.


    In the late 1970’s, Robert O. Becker M.D. discovered that silver ions promote bone growth and kill surrounding bacteria.


    Dr. Harry Margraf of St. Louis, who was the Chief Biochemist and pioneer in Silver research, in conjunction with his works with the late Moyer M.D. of Washington University’s Department of Surgery in the 1970’s, stated that “Silver is the best all round germ fighter we have”.


    According to Medical journals worldwide, Silver disables the particular enzyme that all single-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen and metabolism. Colloidal Silver marries with our blood and enters the cells destroying their harmful organisms. It suffocates them almost instantaneously.


    Silver Colloid is light sensitive and should be kept in a dark cool area away from any electrical fields. It should always be poured in to a plastic spoon for consumption at 1 to 3 teaspoons when required.