Buy Plant-Based King Island Colloidal Minerals and AKWA (Electrocratically made) Colloidal Magnesium, Silver, Copper and Zinc Online in Sydney

Australians are increasingly turning to Natural Products without chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides, as part of a complete and healthy living. This has led to a surge in the understanding of naturally made and occurring products. Destination Health Foods is a leading online retailer of natural health care products in Sydney. We have more than 25 years of experience, enabling us to present to you the absolute best of natural products that are chemical and pesticide free.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Health Products?

Natural products, both topically and internally, enhance the wellbeing of the body. The body was designed to be enhanced by the intake of naturally occurring and formulated products. All the products presented by Destination Health Foods are based on the purity intake.

Health benefits: The body is designed for the intake of naturally occurring products. They enhance the body from cellular level, meaning, that the replenishment of the body is active from the very start of intake.

Clean and Natural: This is necessary for the constant wellbeing of the body. Destination Health products offer the full spectrum of enhancing the body’s wellbeing.

Affordable: Natural Health Products are readily available in the marketplace today. To offer the products that are best and suited for you, Destination Health Foods has put their 25 years of experience to get it right. This offer is also available free upon enquiry.

Natural Aims at the Enhancement of the Body: There are many reasons natural products are preferable, for the same reasons you don’t fill up your petrol-driven car with anything other than petrol.

Environment friendly: Our natural health products are not developed or grown with chemicals. Hence, the environment is also enhanced.

Destination Health Foods is offering to you some of the best-selling and enhancing products in the market today.

King Island Colloidal Minerals:


Naturally collected from the shale from the pristine underground waters on King Island, these Australian plant-based Colloidal Minerals, unlike other colloidal minerals available, are not processed, only micro-filtered. The colloidal minerals enhance the availability of nutrients from food into the body. We need all the 90 Minerals and Nutrients for the complete wellbeing of the body. In our normal food chain, on average, there are less than 10 minerals and nutrients available. King Island minerals are a complete natural nutritional product.

Local Certified Organic Beeswax:

We offer naturally sensitive beeswax from Destination Health. This Certified Organic Beeswax comes in Votive, Tea-Lite and Tub Waxes. This wax, when used, has no chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides to fill the air, and the wicks are cloth with no lead content. The wax burns clean and burns longer. The aroma from the burning of the wax gives the scent of the local plant or tree that it has been obtained from. The colour varies from batch to batch as it is a natural product. This Certified Organic Beeswax is readily available on our website.

Kuu Konjac Sponges:


Try the purity of the naturally grown Konjac sponge made from the root of the Konjac plant. It comes in eco-friendly packaging. The Kuu Konjac Sponge helps to completely clean the face from daily contaminants – again, this is a 100% natural product. We offer the best Konjac Sponge that helps to bring a natural clean face by using regularly.

Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel:


It is the ideal product for scratches, insect bites, burns, cold sores, and the list goes on. Manuka Honey Gel and Manuka Oil are highly recommended products. Manuka Oil and Manuka Honey are acknowledged by the Waikato University, New Zealand. They can be used for any skin type and is a must for an on-hand ready to use for skin issues.

Natural Rubber Soother:


Make-U-Well soothers are the absolute best for your baby. There are no separate parts on the soother to cause concern and are pure, made from the rubber plant. Make-U-well products offer the absolute best products for your baby. It has no chemical contaminants, artificial colours, or chemical softeners. An excellent quality natural rubber soother baby bunting easily lasts for 8-12 weeks.

808 Dude Face Wash:


Teenagers often face the problem of pimples and spots on their faces, which hits their self-confidence. There are four Dude products to make sure this does not happen; 808 Dude Face Wash is one that consists of antioxidant-rich guarana, ginseng, chamomile, & coriander. The blend of these oils and extracts are well known, to help rejuvenate the sensitive skin of teenagers, offering all-round enhancement to the skin.

AKWA Colloids:  

The electrostatically made Magnesium, Silver, Copper and Zinc are down to the smallest of nanos. This speaks for itself, "the smaller the Nano, the easier absorption". The correct and proper process of the making of our Colloids ensures its purity. You can order AKWA Colloids online from us and have them delivered to your home.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons Destination Health Foods has the edge with their products in the marketplace today in Sydney:

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Looking for the best purity health products in Sydney? Destination Health Foods is a forerunner with natural health products, with a range of products available at affordable prices. We deliver to any location in Sydney. Choose from a variety of health products and order now on our website or call us on 03 9456 9280 for any queries or assistance.