Canberra's Best Organic Product Supplier for Colloidal Minerals & Electrocratically Made AKWA Colloids

Natural health products are in great demand in Canberra as people are shifting away from artificial and synthetically produced products. They are gaining popularity as they have no chemicals and help rejuvenate the body. Destination Health Foods is well recognised for organic products in Canberra with more than 24 years of experience in acquiring and selling clean organic and certified organic products.

Here are some of the bestselling products in our store, which you can order online:

King Island Colloidal Minerals:


Extracted from the underground waters of the renowned King Island, these Minerals are not manufactured, just micro-filtered. Hence it does not have a use-by date. Plant-based Colloidal minerals are rich in nutrients that are not regularly found in your daily diet. They help enhance the metabolism of nutrients and minerals in your body. They have the full 90 minerals and nutrients required for your daily intake. The average daily intake is around 10.

Natural Rubber Soother:


The natural variant of rubber soother from Make-U-Well is perfect for babies as it is a one-piece product. This nontoxic dummy has proved to be a favourite of parents across Canberra. You can buy the best quality Make-U-Well natural rubber soother baby bunting online from our website and have it delivered to your home anywhere in Canberra.

808 Dude Face Wash:


An essential product for teenagers, 808 Dude Face Wash helps the body to repair any skin outbreaks. The changes in hormones and various other factors lead to the growth of pimples in teenagers. The Dude Face Wash has antioxidant-rich guarana, ginseng, chamomile, & coriander, which is the perfect blend to cleanse the skin and improve the self-confidence of teenagers.

Living Nature Manuka Oil and Manuka Honey Gel:


Manuka gel is known worldwide for soothing effects on skin problems like burns, scratches, and cold sores. Living Nature's Manuka Honey Gel is a 100% natural product sourced from the best ingredients and can readily be used for most skin issues. Manuka Oil and Manuka Honey have been well studied by the Waikato University, New Zealand

Konjac Sponge:


Made from the roots of the konjac plant, the Kuu Konjac Sponge will cleanse your face. It is a natural product. Kuu Sponges are reusable. Just dip again in normal water. It contains no artificial or synthetic products and helps cleanse the skin and makes it glow naturally.

Local Certified Organic Beeswax:


Sourced from certified bee farms, this Australian beeswax is Certified Organic. We offer local Beeswax for sale that comes in Votive Tea-Lite and Tub Waxes. They do not contain any artificial scent or synthetic ingredients; they burn clean and for longer duration. The colour varies between different batches as there are no artificial colours used. The genuine colour of the beeswax can be seen on the products with a wonderful natural aroma.

AKWA Colloids:


AKWA Colloids is electrocratically made Magnesium, Silver, Copper and Zinc suspended in distilled water, which are processed in the correct manner to retain its purity.

Benefits of Natural Health Products

There are several benefits of using natural health products due to which they have emerged as the preferred choice of consumers across Canberra:

Safe: Natural health products do not contain any artificial additions like chemicals or pesticides. They are sourced from all-natural sources, like plants and plant-based minerals. Natural products will enhance the body and immune system.

Paraben-free: Our natural health products do not contain parabens, which are found in most basic products today to extend the shelf life. Parabens closely follow how the body's natural hormonal system works, these parabens are stored in the body, where natural plant based products will enhance every part of the body and are easily and naturally removed by the body if not needed, Destination Health Foods products are free of parabens and similar chemical compounds.

Good for the environment: Since natural health products are extracted entirely from natural resources, they are also good for the environment. They help maintain the natural ecological balance and do not lead to contamination of these natural resources.

Support local economy: Most farming for natural health products is done in rural Australia. The small farmers and farm workers who work on this type of farming are the backbone of the rural natural health economy. Every time you buy a natural health product, you support this group of Farmers.

Affordable: Natural health products are often more affordable than basic non-natural products that use synthetic or artificial ingredients. This helps you get some of the best products at an affordable cost.

Nutritional: The nutritional value of natural health products is well known. It helps increase and enhance the normal function of the body.

Why Choose Us?

These are some reasons Destination Health Foods has the edge with their products in the marketplace today in Canberra:

  • The word is in our wellbeing

  • Wide shipping

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  • Guaranteed products


Looking for the best purity health products in Canberra? Destination Health Foods is well recognised with their products, and they have a range of products available at affordable prices. We deliver to any location in Canberra. Choose from a variety of health products and order now on our website or call us on 03 9456 9280 for any queries or assistance.