About us

Destination Health, a Family owned business, entered into the Natural Health Care Industry in 1997. Our aim was and still is to present the best quality products;  along with making available the  data base of each product.

This achievement shows in our 24 years of Customer Service and still going strong with the same principles in place


Our main aim is to present products free from synthetics, chemicals and any other unnatural ingredients, wherever possible. Our products, over the years, have been thoroughly tried and tested, with excellent results.


Destination Health Products include: King Island Minerals, Manuka Oils,  Manuka Gels, Buloke Olive Lip Balms, Teenage Skincare, Head Lice Products,  Pet Products, General Skin Care, Safe Colloidals (Silver, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc)  With full information on how small Nanos' are the best for  absorption) Pure Beeswax Tealite Candles, Votive and Tub block Waxes,  Assorted Spices, Pure Rubber Dummies, Jojoba Oils,  Ayurvedia Incense burning Sticks, World Certified Organic Lipsticks, Kuu Konjac Sponges, Charcoal Clay Masks, Natural Garden Sprays, Ionizing Washing Powder


We Invite you to visit us to view what we have  available, and any advice which we may be able to give.